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it means that

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Q: What did the term coffin nail mean in world war 1?
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What is second coffin?

a second coffin is a term that is used by gansters to tell somone they are gay

What is the Tagalog term of nail cutter?

Tagalog term of nail cutter: panghinuko

A framework of wood or metal placed over the coffin or tomb of a deceased person?

Hearse Correction: A hearse is a funeral car carrying the coffin. The question probably relates to a catafalque.

What is the medical term meaning folded nail?

The medical term for a folded nail is "onychomadesis." It refers to the shedding or separation of the nail plate from the nail bed, resulting in a folded appearance. This condition can be caused by various factors such as trauma, infection, or systemic diseases.

What is the technical term for gray hair due to old age'?


What is the medical term abnormal condition of a hidden nail?

Onychocryptosis literally means hidden nail; the common name is ingrown nail.

What is the medical term meaning unguis?

Unguis is the medical term meaning nail.

What is the point of a nail called?

I cannot find any description other than point of a nail. I do not believe there is a term for it such as the head or shank or shaft of a nail.

What is the Medical terminology combining form meaning nail?

Onycho- is the medical terminology combining form meaning nail. The medical term for nail is unguis.

What is the medical term meaning spoon nail?


What is politically correct term for nail technician?


What is the medical term meaning deep fold of skin at the base of the nail where the nail root is embedded?

the cuticle its the clear part on your nail slightly off your skin