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they were sent to England to help the wounded solders

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The women in WWI helped nurse soldiers that had been injured oversea. Another contribution they made was to help keep businesses working back in Britain whilst the men were at war.

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Their greatest contribution was work. WHile many young men were sent off to war, women took their places in the factory, most importantly producing military suplies.

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Q: What did women contribute during the ww1?
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What work did women do in transport during WW1?

they drove trains...

Women at the front armed services during ww1?

No during world war one women didn't serve in the army

How did women contribute during the civil?

THey made mroe soldiers?

How many women joined the land army during ww1?

over 1000

What was the only group of women in the military sent overseas during ww1?

army nurses

What jobs did women do at home during ww1?

women worked in factories of all kinds and even played pro baseball.

What were women's clothes like during World War 1?

the clothes in ww1 were iretating and not nice

What were names of women during WW1?

One of them was queen Elizabeth. I don't know which one though.

Did women go to university during world war 1?

Yes, Somerville College, Oxford (which was exclusively for women students) had around 150 undergraduates during WW1.

Why were women important during ww1?

Women were extremely important during World War I. Since the men were off fighting, the women were needed for labor in the factories. They also were nurses and drove ambulances to care for the soldiers.

Who worked on farms during the war?

durring ww1 the men would be going out to war leaving the jobs on the farms up to the women to handle. hence women worked on the farm during the war

What was the Women for Peace During Wartime 1915 Hague Congress Like?

It was cruel and very difficult to live with but people (women) survived it. the created and international peace group during ww1 wartime.