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cook, clean, take care of the children and elderly, take care of the sick of the family, jar food for future meals, and take on the tasks of those who are sick. The woman of the past had a lot on their plate, many people think the men had harder jobs, but what do you think? Women also made homemade bread,cakes,pies and everything from scratch.They also made candles and soap.They plucked or skinned the meat to cook and made their clothing and their families.They probably grew their own vegtables and canned what was grown.They washed the laundry by hand and hung it out to dry or used one of those old washing machines that had a big roller to ring out the laundry.We came along way baby! Women still usually carry much of the load,we also sometimes work outside the home to help supplement the income or to completely contribute all the income,besides raising children and doing those necessary tasks at home. Thank goodness for microwaves and technology.

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Woman did many chores such as:

  • Manage the vegetable garden (pull weeds)
  • prepare dinner
  • go shopping for food
  • clean around the house
  • Well educated woman would teach there children how to read and write.
  • sew clothing
  • feed the farm animals (chickens, horses, etc.)
  • collect fire wood
  • churn butter
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the women made gifts for the men and cared for their children (if they had any)

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Q: What did women do at home during the Civil war?
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Who were famous women who stayed at home during the civil war?


What were some women during the civil war?

in the civil war some women where army nurses while some where spices and some take care of the home and are even in the war front.

What duties did women have before the civil war?

Women typically were home makers before and after the American Civil War.

What roles did women take on during the civil war?

During the Civil War, women sometimes stayed home and took care of the family. Other times, they enrolled as men in the war, or they were spies. This website helped me to answer this question.

Where there women doctors during the civil war?

Yes there were women doctors in the civil war. (Man you need to read more.)

What rights did women get during the civil war?


What were jobs women did during the civil war?

Women during the civil war could not have any jobs unless they were slaves and/or being in the house taking care of their children.

How did women live during the civil war era?

Women during the Civil War era were typical housewives. These women would take care of children and tend to their husbands chores when he was away.

How did women and African Americans participate in the civil war?

Two things women involved with the civil war helped with were: *Medical for Soldiers *Clothing There are other things women helped with during the Civil War as well.

What were the women left to do in the north and south during the civil war?

They served as volunteer nurses in military hospitals during the civil war.

How did women dress when they were undercover soilders in the civil war?

An estimated 400 women served during the Civil War, disguising themselves as men

What did the women do for the northerns during the civil war?

Women worked in hospitals for the soldiers.