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Force Recon Officers are typically not the Gung-Ho soldier fighting the battle, but more of a command/logistics organizer back at base. The Marines put a strong emphasis on leadership, so usually a enlisted Sergent will be the one leading the Recon team on missions. However, officers usually will be the key planners of the mission, and will sometimes be sent out with their team, especially if the Recon team is sent to a forward operating post in Afghanistan or something similar to that. Also, officers almost never attend Recon training. As an officer you would have to select the Infantry MOS and then serve your 3-4 years as an infantry officer. You would see combat then, but after you reach the rank of 03-04, you typically won't see much combat as an infantry officer. Once you serve you required time as a payment for your training, you may request to be transfered to Recon. It is very hard to get your commanding officer to recommend you. If you were good at your last job he might not let you go, and if you were bad then he wouldn't recommend you because it might eventually come back to him. Overall, Recon does see combat, but very little compared to a typical Marine unit. Officers will almost never see combat as a Recon Officer, so If you want to be a "gunfighter", enlistment would be your best option as you can choose a Recon MOS. Hope this helped!

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Q: What do Force Recon Marine Officers do?
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Marine Force Recon

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Do the Marine special force group have a name?

marine force recon

How much does a Force Recon Marine get paid per year?

The average salary for marine force recon jobs is $40K. Average marine force recon salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, and experience.

What's the difference between marine recon and force recon?

Force Recon handles high priority military intelligence as needed by Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) command element. Marine Recon handle division-level ground and amphibious reconnaissance

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I think it is the Marine Force Recon.

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Marine Force Recon is a branch of MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) and their job is to locate HVT's (High Value Targets) and other threats for the main infantry. There is no question about it, they are the most elite fighters in the United States. Many say that Navy SEALs are more elite, but there are over 3,000 SEALs in the world, and only about 300 Force Recon Marines in the world.

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Radio Telephone Operater- use a long range radio at the platoon level force recon is an elite marine unit

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