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Wurst is the German translation for sausage Ha Ha Ha

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Q: What do the Germans call sausages?
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How many sausages do Germans eat a year?


What are the traditional foods in Germany?

Germans are Mostly known for Beer and Sausages ( Wurst )

What type of cuisine is typicaly eaten by Germans?

Cabbage, potatoes and a great variety of sausages.

Why do Germans eat frankfurter sausages?

The same reason anyone eats a sausage. They taste good.

What is Germans known for?

Germany is known for their food such as pretzels, sausages and pastries. As well as their high quality beer.

What do Germans call themselves?

Germans call themselves "Deutsche" in their native language.

What do Americans call sausages?

Americans call sausages sausages. Regional specialties and foods specific to particular ethnic groups will have their own names, such as Cajun sausage, saucisson (French), chorizo (Spanish), countless German and Baltic style-sausages, English-style sausages, and so on and on and on. But they're all called a sausage.

What does the German people call their nation?

Deutschland is what Germans call Germany. It translates as "Land of the Germans".

What rations did the Germans get in World War 1?

bread, often cheese, sometimes liver sausages, sugar, butter. The Germans in ww1 were actually pretty well fed, especially when compared to the rest of Germany at the time.

What is the name for a group of sausages?

Er sausages. Er sausages. snatch of sausages

What do Germans call Swine Flu?

They call it "Schweine-Grippe".

What do Germans call Germany?