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What I find the most disturbing is that marrige is forbidden between Jews and subjects.

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Q: What do you find most disturbing about the Nuremberg law?
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Trials of war criminals after World War 2?

During the Nuremberg Trials, 11 of the highest Nazi officials were charged with "crimes against humanity" - literally a charge made up by other governments because no available law could describe the atrocities they had committed. 7 were convicted and sentenced to death. The night before his execution, Hermann Goring committed suicide. 3 of the 6 were killed by firing squad, and the other 3 were hung. After they were killed and pronounced dead, they were loaded on to boxcars and taken to Dachau, the very first German concentration camp. Their bodies were forced into the hideous crematoriums they had ordered so many innocents into, and they were burnt to ash. Their ashes were thrown in a nearby river so as to prevent anyone from ever making a memorial to these monsters.

How did the Nuremberg Laws of affect the Jewish people in Germany?

On the Nuremburg law, it said that Jews weren't citizens, and could not marry with Aryans

What is the history behind Murphy's law?

The history behind Murphy's law: It was named after Captain Edward A. Murphy, an engineer, while working on a project, he found out that the transducer had be wired wrong and said "If there is any way to do it wrong, he will find it". This was then added to a list of "laws" kept by the project manager.

How do Americans feel about the draft?

Most human beings, US or otherwise do not like being in the military. Worse, most human beings dislike being forced, under the penalty of law (prison), into the military (Conscription/Draft).

What issues influenced the outcome of the election of 1852?

this is too dam hard find it urself ANSWER 1 - The controversy about the Transcontinental Railway. 2 - The Fugitive Slave Law. 3 - The publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle's Tom Cabin"

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What do you find disturbing about the Nuremberg law?

What I find the most disturbing is that marrige is forbidden between Jews and subjects.

What was the resistance to the law?

There was no 'Jewish resistance' to the Nuremberg Laws.

What has the author Robert Kurt Woetzel written?

Robert Kurt Woetzel has written: 'The Nuremberg trials in international law' 'The Nuremberg trials in international law, with a postlude onthe Eichmann case' -- subject(s): Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, 1945-1946

How would your lives be different now if another Nuremberg law was made?

Obviously it would depend on what the law was.

Is there a law in Tennessee against noisy neighbors?

There's a law against that everywhere, disturbing the peace

What is the law for disturbing the peace in Ireland?

It's called "breach of the peace"

How would your life and the lives of your friends family and neighbors be different if suddenly a law such as the Nuremberg Law were imposed on your culture?


What was the group that governed Afghanistan according to a strict interpretation of Islamic law?

Nuremberg Trials

What was the significant about the tokyo and Nuremberg trial?

They set a standard for international law and conduct of war.

Does Hancock County MS have a noise law?

NO noise ordinance but can be charged with disturbing the peace

What law took away Jewish freedom in Germany?

There were hundreds of such laws, starting with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

Is it agains the law to use profanity?

In most states, yes. The charge is 'disorderly conduct by abusive language' and in some cases, 'disturbing the peace'. There is also a charge for cursing on a public street.