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it can never break(the union) everyone will stay together by the way I had this question on the test are we in the same class I go to a school in Bronx

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Daniel Webster

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Q: What does Liberty and Union now and forever one and inseparable mean?
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What does North Dakota's state motto mean?

North Dakota's official state motto is "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable." The motto refers to that fact that our nation is free and cannot be divided.

What did john c calhoun mean when he said the union next your liberty the most dear?

He meant that, although the Union was important, liberty was more important.

Paragraph 5 in The Call of the Wild does inseparable mean?

Inseparable means can't be separated.

What does the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity mean?

It means: we declaire ourselves to be free, and all our decendents, now and forever.

What does dios union libertad mean?

"Dios Union Libertad" is the motto of El Salvador and is usually translated as "God, Union, Liberty" in that context. Libertad can also be translated into English as freedom.

What does inseperatable mean?

inseparable means, incapable of being separated or disjoined.

What key is the song inseparable in?

I assume you mean the one by the Jonas Bros? Its in the key of Fm

What is the difference between Entwined and intertwined? lists them as synonyms. Both mean "inseparable, unable to be divided."

What do the items on the liberty statue mean?


What does Liberty bell mean?

the liberty bell is a sign 4 liberty

What does it mean when your girlfriend says where forever?

she wants to be with you forever/ your relationship is forever

What do you mean by inseparability?

Inseparability means - Not capable of being separated . In other words - indivisible . Example- These rocks are inseparable.