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'first citizen'

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Q: What does Princeps Civitas mean?
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What does ''Nicæa civitas'' mean?

nice city

What does princeps mean?

'first citizen'

When was Collegium Civitas created?

Collegium Civitas was created in 1997.

When was Nova Civitas created?

Nova Civitas was created in 1992.

Was Augustus Caesar a dictator?

No, he refused the title of 'Dictator' multiple times and instead created a new title called 'Princeps Civitas' which meant first citizen. The reason he refused the title of Perpetual Dictator was because this was one of the reasons Julius Caesar was killed.

When was Civitas - think tank - created?

Civitas - think tank - was created in 2000.

How do you decline civitas?

civitas-civitatis F 3 singular: civitas civitatis civitati civitatem civitate plural: civitates civitatum civitatibus civitates civitatibus

How do you say state in latin?

"Civitas." It is a noun of the third declension I believe, so that would mean it would translate as civitas, civitis, civiti, and so forth. I'm not entirely sure if it is third declension though.

What does Civitas Dei mean?

I'm just starting Latin myself, but I'm pretty sure "Civitas Dei" means "City of God." And I think you would say it "Kee-wee-tass day-ee."

When was Princeps Pastorum created?

Princeps Pastorum was created in 1959.

When was Conus princeps created?

Conus princeps was created in 1758.

When was Roystonea princeps created?

Roystonea princeps was created in 1912.