What does WWI stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"WWI" is an abbreviation for "World War I."

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Q: What does WWI stand for?
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What was the main reason Germans turned to Nazis for leadership?

because they couldn't stand the shame of losing WWI and had a great guy who could be their leader.

What is a word that starts with I in world war 1?

The I in WWI is the roman numeral for 1 not a letter therefore it doesn't stand for anything, it just represents the number 1.

Who won wwi?

The allied Powers won WWI

When did wwi begin?

WWI began 28 July 1914.

Who was commanding Europe in WW1?

There were many different commanders in Europe during WWI, as each country had their own. The leader of the UK during WWI was first Herbert Asquith and then David Lloyd George. The leader of France during WWI was Georges Clemenceau. The leader of Italy during WWI was first Antonio Salandra and then Vittorio Orlando. The leader of Serbia during WWI was King Peter I. The leader of Russia during WWI was Czar Nicholas II. The leader of Germany during WWI was Kaiser Wilhelm II. The leader of Austria-Hungary during WWI was first Franz Joseph I and then Karl I. The leader of the Ottoman Empire during WWI was Mehmed V. The leader of Bulgaria during WWI was Czar Ferdinand I.

Poison in wwi?

Chlorine, Diphosgene, Tearing Agent, and Mustard Gas were used as poisions in WWI

Total cost of wwi?

The total cost off wwi was altogether 186,3 billion dollars.

Why was the tank useful in world war 1?

There were no tanks in WWI. WWI consisted of trench warfare only.

How old was Hitler when he went to military school?

Hitler's military education consisted of his WWI experiences in the trenches of WWI. but what age

Did the napoleon invasion start World War 1?

No. WWI was started by politics so WWI was more politically complex.

Was the introduction of airplanes in world war 1 or world war 2?

before WWI, but fighter planes developed in early WWI.

What years were WWI?