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Watashi WA ai suru means I love you in Japanese.

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Q: What does Watashi Wa Ai Suru mean?
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What watashi wa itsu demo sewa wo suru ai means?

"I'm always in your care."

How do you say I can't be with you because I love him.. in Japanese?

Watashi WA kare o aishite irukara watashi WA anata to suru koto WA dekimasen.

What is the Japanese of i want to torture you?

Watashi WA anata o gōmon suru

How do you say keep me flying in the sky in Japanese?

Watashi WA sora o tonde iji suru

What is watashi wa sore o aisuru?

Watashi wa sore o aisuru 私はそれをあいする "I love it"

What does 'watashi no jinsei no kairi no ai watashi wa omae o aishi' mean in English?

look at this question and what category its in Watashi no jinsei no kairi no ai watashi WA omae o aishi what does this mean its in Japanese?a. the question should readWatashi no jinsei no kairi no ai watashi WA omae o aishi what does this mean its in English? because it means exactly what is says in Japaneseb. it should be in the "japanes to English" category not the "English to Japanese" and "Japan in WW2" i can assure you it has nothing to do with warc. it really doesn't make much sensewatashi no jinsei no kairi no ai roughly translates to "my life's last love" but if you girlfriend is saying it like this, tell her to stop smoking so much dope.omae wo aishi = i love younot me mate her

How do you say i love you Lawrence in Japanese?

Watashi wa anata ga Lawrence ai

What does Naze watashi wa kanojo ni hanashi o suru koto wa dekimasen?

"Watashi wa nante koto toboketa" could roughly translate to "Oh no! How could I play dumb/intentionally ignore ?" and "yume no kanshige na zangai" also roughly could mean: "the sad-looking ruins of the dream".

When was Boku wa Kimi ni Koi o Suru created?

Anata to Watashi to Kimi to Boku was created on 2004-12-25.

What does Sore wa hijō ni omoshiroi amanda wa watashi ga sukina hōhō o iu koto ga dekirushi rikai suru koto ga dekimasendeshita in Japanese mean?

That is very interesting. Amanda is my love and I can say that this cannot be.

What am i going to do with you in Japanese?

私はあなたとするつもり Watashi WA anata to suru tsumori

What does watashi wa osama mean?

I am a king. / I am the king.