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I once had a beutiful pin of my grandfather's. It was a gold skull that said XXX across the forehead, had an emerald eye, and my grandmother's initials on the back. He was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and graduated from the University of Missouri in 1910 or so. I suspect you have someone's fraternity pin there. Mine also had a skeletal hand up over the other (empty) eye socket.

I agree-- I don't think this is a German military pin. The SS wore a Skull insignia on their visor caps. This small pin made of stamped aluminum sometimes sale for $250.

I'm researching the same thing, my grandmother was handed down her uncle's (I think) pin fitting that EXACT description. Actually her uncle had given it to his wife, he "pinned" her, kind of signifying she was taken. My grandmother said it was from his fraternity at MCV here in Virginia which is now known as VCU, she seems to think it was a medical fraternity or something. But I'm having trouble finding anything out about it online. Has anyone found anymore about it since posting this question?

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Q: What does a 14K gold skull crossbones pin from World War 2 with ruby eyes and the Greek letters epsilon phi alpha on the top and engraved with initials and a number on the back represent?
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