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It's a pin the Jewish people wear to show their faith.

If I am not mistaken I believe those pins came into being during the Holocaust, they keep them hidden and used them to recognize each other when they met, sort of like the Christens did with the fish, during their persecution.

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Q: What does a circle with the letter j mean on a gold ring?
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When a ring is stamped with the letter j with a circle around the j what does that mean?

It is the initial of the designer or company. What is more important is the grade of gold or sliver.

What does gold ring markings GWR U72 mean?

is the circle closed for equal to

If a ring has 18KHGE and an A with a circle around it on the inside of a ring what does it mean?

The 18K indicates 18 karat gold. The HGE indicates heavy gold electroplate, meaning the ring is not solid gold but gold plated. The A might indicate the manufacturer.

What does K in a circle in a gold ring mean?

The "K" inside a circle on a gold ring typically indicates the purity of the gold. It stands for karat, which is a measure of the gold's purity. For example, "14K" means the gold is 14 karats, or about 58.3% gold content.

What does a letter L mean inside a gold ring?

Lustrium alloy?

What does accr s inside a circle on class ring mean?

The ACCR on the ring stands for Artcarved Class Ring, the S stands for Saladium. G stands for gold,

What does it mean if a ring has 18 kt g e and an a with a circle around it inside of the Ring?

If a ring has the marking "18kt G.E." and an "A" with a circle around it inside the ring, it typically indicates that the ring is made of a base metal (often brass or copper) and is coated or plated with a layer of 18-karat gold. The "18kt" refers to the gold plating, indicating that it is 18-karat gold. The "G.E." stands for "Gold Electroplate" or "Gold Electroplated," indicating the plating process used to apply the gold layer onto the base metal. The "A" with a circle around it is usually the manufacturer's or designer's hallmark. It is important to note that while the ring has a layer of 18-karat gold, the underlying metal is not solid gold throughout.

What does GR in a circle stamped in my ring mean?

it should be marked ( stamped ) with 14K, 18K or XK, etc. if it is gold one; I have a silver looking weeding ring with the letters GR stamped. ... If a (gold) ring has, for example, 14K or 18K, this means the ring is 14 or 18 karat gold. If the ring has KPG instead of just a K.J

What do circle Saturn and bell sound have in common?

gold ring

What does WJJ mean on a ring?

What is wjj on a gold ring mean

What does HR mean on your gold ring?

It could mean someone's first letter of there first and last name. Or maybe a school.

What is another word for ring?

ganda mo teh