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F**k the Marines, as in the United States Marines.

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This insignia is for the United States Marine Corps (USMC)

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Q: What does an upside down eagle globe and anchor represent?
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What is the marine core emblem?

The Marine Corps emblem, also known as the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA), features a bald eagle clutching a globe with an anchor in the background. The eagle represents the United States, the globe symbolizes the Marine Corps' worldwide presence, and the anchor represents its naval tradition. This emblem is an iconic symbol of the Marine Corps and embodies its core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

When was rope added to the eagle globe and anchor?


Did the marine corps always have the eagle globe and anchor?

No. In fact, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor didn't come around until almost 90 years after the establishment of the Marine Corps.

What is the marine symbol on the marine officer caps?

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The symbol of the U.S. Marine Corps The Eagle represents the Nation Globe for wordwide service Anchor for our Naval Traditions

Which military division has the Eagle Globe and Anchor associated to it?

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor insignia was adopted by the American Marine Corps in 1955. The emblem and insignia is significant and represents courage and bravery of both the serving and past servicemen. This emblem was adopted from a previous emblem where it only had the globe and anchor.

Who adopted the eagle globe and anchor?

It became the insignia of the US Marine Corps.

Can you get an eagle globe and anchor tattoo with your two sons names on it if you are not a Marine?

If they are in the corps.

What are the differences in Marine Staff Sergeant dress blues compared to NCOs?

Staff NCO's have a wreath around the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the belt buckle. NCO's just have the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Non-NCO's have nothing on it.

What does the marine corps symbol represent?

The Eagle: Represents loyalty to the United StatesThe Globe: Represents world-wide service and capabilitiesThe Anchor and Rope: Represents Naval traditionsThe Marine Corps is officially a department of the United States Navy

What is the collar insignia on the dress blue uniform?

It's a golden Eagle/Globe and Anchor.

How do you draw the marine corps symbol?

An eagle, wings spread out, the head facing to its right (your left). In its beak is a plain banner reading "Semper Fidelis", which stretches over its head and to its right (your left). The eagle is perched on a larger globe which shows the continents of north and south america. The globe has 7 evenly spaced horizontal lines that span the globe (this does not overlap the continents) Behind the globe, is an anchor. The head of the anchor is under the eagle's left wing. The bottom of the anchor is fully visible from the opposite side of the globe.

What does the marine flag look like?

The Marine Corps flag features the Branch's emblem, which is that of an eagle holding a banner with the motto "Semper Fidelis" and standing on top of a globe, which is diagonally intersected by a large anchor. A banner entitled "United States Marine Corps" is located under the eagle and globe. The background is a bright red; the eagle, continents and anchor are a gold; and the rest of the globe is in black and white.