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Base Pay is what the serviceman is being paid, WITHOUT: housing pay, combat duty pay, jump pay, food allowance pay, dependent(s) pay, over-seas pay, uniform allowance pay, etc.

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Q: What does bas on army pay statement stand for?
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What is BAS pay?

PAYS - countries; BAS - low. The Low Countries, or The Netherlands.

What is the BAS - Business Activity Statement - in Australia?

The Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a form that businesses have to send to the Tax Department, in Australia, stating their income and how much GST (Goods and Services Tax of 10%) they collected. They also have to send in the tax they collected.If they had to pay any GST in the running of their business, then they subtract that from the GST they collected and send in a lesser amount.Large businesses do this every month. Smaller businesses do it every three months, or maybe even once a year.

How can you pay your BAS?

According the to Australian Tax Office (linked below), you can pay your BAS (business activity statement, a form submitted to the ATO by businesses to report taxation obligations) via BPAY or credit card. If you can't make a payment using BPAY or credit card, other payment options are available:Direct transfer from your bank accountAutomatic transfer from your bank accountMail - using a check or money orderAustralia Post office - using a check or cash

Do you have to pay to go to army colage?

The Army will pay for a certain term of commitment to the service.

Does the army pay for the child funeral is the father is in army?


Who gets Basic allowance subsistence?

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is a pay allowance for Enlisted Soldiers and Officers that can offset the cost of food purchases. As of January 1, 2002, all enlisted members receive full BAS.

If you are a soldier in the us army and the army does not pay you who do you call?

Pay issues are always directed to the finance office.

What is the pay scale for soldier in territorial army of India?

Indian territorial army monthly pay scale

What is the pay scale for soldier in territorial army in India?

Indian territorial army monthly pay scale

What is the retirement pay of an Army Major?

The retirement pay of an army major is not known as there is no standard rate of retirement pay. The pay is determined by the type of retirement plan that is chosen.

What does ssgt airforce rank stand for?

SSgt = Staff Sergeant. Pay grade E-5 in the Air Force (Staff Sergeant in the Army and Marine Corps is E-6).

Will the army pay you a pension if they took you in the army with flat feet?