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Concetration Camps were enclosed places where Jews and other victims of the Holocaust were forced to work, killed, and tortured.

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Q: What does concentration camp mean?
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Who survived the concentration camp?

there is no single concentration camp, if you mean one in particular, then name it.

The concentration of large numbers of people in villages encouraged?

If i get what you mean their called Concentration camp

What kind of camp was dachau?

It was a concentration camp.

What was a major concentration camp?

Banjica concentration camp

Why was Joseph balicki sent to concentration camp?

He was sent to the camp, because there was a picture of Hitler on a wall in a classroom and he turned it to a wall, which then got him sent to a concentration camp. P.S This answer is from the novel The Silver Sword, is this what you mean?

What was selection at a concentration camp?

The first Concentration Camp was the Holocaust

Was Auschwitz supposed to be an concentration camp?

Yes it was a concentration camp.

When was Janowska concentration camp created?

Janowska concentration camp was created in 1941.

Where is the concentration camp in Devils arithmetic?

The concentration camp, unnamed, is someplace in Poland.

What does the word concentration mean in the phrase concentration camps?

It means Jews are locked up in this very dangerous camp

What was it like in dachau concentration camp?

Dachau was an ordinary concentration camp.

Where was the largest concentration camp?

The largest concentration camp in ww2 was in Auschwitz.