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T - is for truthful

E - is for educated

A - is for adoration

C - is for caring

H - is for humble

E - is for energetic

R - is for real

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The word teacher isn't really an acronym, but if you made it into one it could stand for many things. Here are a few possibilities:

T - tolerance

E - excellence

A - adorable

C - charming

H - honest

E - educator

R - reliable

T is for "teaching," that's what a teacher does.

E is for "educate," which is what teaching does.

A is for "active," and all brains are.

C is for "creative," that spark of imagination.

H is for "hopeful," because no child should have Mrs. Debbie Downer.

E is for "enunciate," so the student can understand.

R is for "repeat," for a teacher's work is never done.

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t-tearing e-evrey a-Americas c-child h-hopes e-every r-rattling


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Q: What does each letter stand for the word teacher?
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