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Q: What does made war on august face mean?
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What were the civil war face jug made of?

chocolate and 42

What does bounties mean in civil war terms?

it means put your face in a book

What does Salvador Dali's 'Face of War' mean?

Surrealist paintings are often impossible to explain.

What did the face that launched a thousand ships mean?

It was Paris who took Helen into Troy and so began the war we know as the Trojan War.

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If you mean 'Who made God of War', then the answer is Sony's Santa Moncia division. They created the game.

When was In the face of war created?

In the face of war was created in 2001.

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The Face of War was created in 1940.

What country did Germany invade that made Briton and France declare war?

Poland, in late August 1939.

What is the duration of A Face of War?

The duration of A Face of War is 1.2 hours.

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A Face of War was created on 1968-05-10.

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You face locusts...

What tasks did the second continental congress face in 1775?

Organize the colonies for war against the British Organized a professional army and navy Made George Washing commander of the the military