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In the run-up to the war, the eight slave-states of the Upper South were undecided which side they would support if the South broke away.

After the attack on Fort Sumter, and Lincoln's appeal for volunteers (the nearest thing to a declaration of war), four of these states voted to join the Confederacy. The other four were largely divided, and Lincoln's biggest priority was to keep these states loyal. Perhaps only a man of Lincoln's talent could have succeeded in this.

Slave states in the Union means what it says. Though rarely taught in school,the Union had 5 slave states. MD,DE,MO,KY,and West VA. On the answer above,Lincoln did not call for volunteers as much as he DEMANDED that the states go South and invade the 7 seceded Cotton States. VA,NC,TN,and AR refused and Abe pushed the demand. Those 4 then seceded. Lincoln wanted 75,000 for 90 days. That call increased to over 2 million men and the war was 4 years. Not sure about the talent in that.

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Q: What does slave states that stayed in the Union mean?
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What are the 5 Union states that stayed in the union?

Do you mean the five slave-states that stayed in the Union? There were origially four - Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware. A fifth was the newly-created state of West Virginia, which broke away from the Confederate state of Virginia in 1863.

What does succession mean during the civil war?

It means the act that the Confederate slave states did when they left the Union. They Seceded.

Which state did not leave the Union when President Lincoln called for troops after Fort Sumter?

Most didn't, for obvious reasons. Do you mean 'Which slave-states did not leave the Union?' They were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware.

What does Lincoln promise the leaders of slave holding states in the second excerpt?

The second excerpt of what? I assume you mean in his inauguration, when he promised that he wouldn't interfere with slavery in the states in which it already existed, and the he wouldn't maintain the Union by initiating force.

How did the territory that the US gained after the Mexican War affect the relationship between the Northern and the southern states?

There was a strong body of opinion that none of the new territories should become slave-states. This would mean that the South would always be outvoted in Congress - if they stayed in the USA.

What did Emancipation Proclaimation mean for slaves in the border states?

Short-term, nothing - slavery was allowed to continue in the slave-states that had remained loyal. Long-term, the loyalty of these states helped the Union to win the war - which is what brought slavery to an end throughout the USA.

What did Lincoln mean by saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand?

He was making a reference to the 12 states that left the union. Hence "a house divided" and he meant that if it stayed that way the nation couldn't stay a nation.

What does Confederate sympathizer mean?

During the US Civil War, there were a number of people in either neutral or Union States and in Washington DC that favored the Confederate cause. States such as Maryland, a slave State, and in neutral Kentucky, also a slave State, had a sizable population that wished the Confederacy to succeed.

Did living in a free state mean a slave was free?

No. The Dred Scott decision basically said all the states of the USA were slave states and a slave in a "free" state was still a slave. The Dred Scott decision helped to lead to the Civil War.

What does sceeded from the union mean?

"Seceding from the union" refers to the actions of the states that left the United States to form the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War.

Did US mean US or union states?

US means Unites States as in USA or the United States of America

What does 50 S in t U mean?

50 states in the union