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The term "fatherland" refers to an anthropomorphized conception of certain countries. "Motherland" is another common term like this. "Fatherland" is a translation of Latin "patria" (from "pater" meaning "father"), which is related to words like "patriotic" (love of one's fatherland or homeland), etc.

Most typically, "fatherland" is used in a context referring to Germany. In German "Vaterland" means "fatherland"; however, since World War II this term has developed Nazi connotations, so it is now avoided in general except in ironic or humorous contexts.

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Q: What does the Fatherland mean?
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Why some countries are called motherland and some other fatherland?

Fatherland is the nation of one's fathers or forefathers. It can be viewed as a nationalist concept, insofar as it relates to nations. Groups that refer to their native country as a fatherland associate it primarily with paternal concepts. Motherland is a term that may refer to a mother country, the origin of a colonial power or an ethnic group or immigrant. Motherland is otherwise a synonym for fatherland, though perhaps carrying different psychological associations. It especially has the connotation of one's country of birth and growing up, with the country being respectfully viewed as a benign mother nurturing its citizens as her children.

Why do they call Germany Fatherland and Russia Motherland?

because those certain countries were the main blitz places.

What was the call up age for Nazi soldiers?

By the closing stages of the war children as your as 10 years were put to arms in 'defence of the fatherland'!

Why did Hitler and Germany go to war?

Hitler went to war because he felt that germany was disgraced in the great war because of the jews and he (also he though of himself as germany which is why most of his sppechs and the SS you know german groups loyal to hitler used the fatherland bascially as a term for hitler) felt that since all germans were the greatest race they deserved all the land they wanted

What was World War I called before we reffered to it as World War I?

it had a lot of names in China it was called the European Civilwar the Russians called it the fatherland war but it was orginaly the great war. Many Americans believe that this war, World War 1, was called the,"War That Ends All Wars" Alvin Saptauli 9th grade Olive Knolls Christian School Bakersfield, California

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