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it was when people tried to carry on with their everyday lives even though there was a war going on.

for example, the famous picture of the milkman, carrying on delivering milk when the town around him is bombed to peices.

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The Blitz was the German bombing campaign against Britan in 1940 and 1941. It lasted seven months and targeted cities across England. The purpose was to demoralize the British people as well as disrupt manufacturing and business.

The campaign resulted in the "Blitz Spirit", the attitude of the British people that they were never going to be beaten by the German campaign. In response to the bombing, people worked to overcome the hardships, pull together and do whatever it took to keep the country working and effective. The idea of submitting to the German forces was never entertained.

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The Blitz Spirit was when the governnment ,agencies, cinemas, new reporters used Propaganda to encourage people to carry on as usual and be brave. Nearly everyone carried on with their jobs! Shop owners refused to close. Basically people were trying to cheer everyone up during the blitz.

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Q: What does the blitz spirit mean?
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