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Its typical sun worship, just like all the other coat

of arms. Look at the nazi's, soviets, english, us coat of arms. Its all sun worship.

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Q: What does the imperial seal of japan mean?
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What is the meaning of the symbols on the Japanese Coat of Arms?

The Japanese Coat of Arms is The Imperial Seal of Japan. The symbol is a Chrysanthemum Seal or Chrysanthemum Flower Seal and is used by members of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Does Japan have a coat of arms?

yes they do. it is a yellow flower thingy. or it is their imperial seal.

What does the Japanese coat of arms stand for?

There is no coat of arms of Japan per se, but there is an Imperial Seal, which represents a chyrsanthemum.

When was Imperial Guard - Japan - created?

Imperial Guard - Japan - was created in 1867.

When was Japan's Imperial Conspiracy created?

Japan's Imperial Conspiracy was created in 1971.

When was Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy created?

Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy was created in 1947.

How did the meiji restoration affect japan-?

The Meiji restoration turned Japan in to a modernized imperial power.

Who lives in the imperial palace in tookyoo?

'tookyoo' I think you mean 'Tokyo'. Note the spelling and the Capital letter. The Emperor of Japan lives in the Imperial Palace. What we think of as Japan, is formally the Empire of Japan. The head of state is an Emperor. In the Japanese language the country is named 'Nippon'. The word 'Imperial;' is the adjective for the noun 'Empire'. Tokyo is the capital city of the Empire of Japan.

Who is the Imperial family in Japan?

it is the zhen

What is the type of govement in japan?


Who were the major imperial powers in Korea?


Where was the strength of japan's military?

Imperial Navy.