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The other side backed down.

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Q: What does the other fellow just blinked mean said be dean rusk?
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How did Australians show mateship in world war 1?

Australians showed their mateship everyday, whether it be giving up their ration for a fellow comrade who was sick, or running through battlefields carrying a wounded soldier. an Australian soldier is the definition of mateship. in every single way.

How can you find information about the heirs of Dusko Popov who one of the most successful British agents during World War 2?

I met Dean Popov around 1967 in Rome where we both lived. At the time Dean was a street painter and his cousin Ivan Popov that had come to Rome for a long "holiday" and to visit Dean. I learnt their family name in a second time. I was studying in art school, was about 20, and made friends with both of them, expecially with Dean. His mother lived in Rome and was married with an high officer of either the police or "carabinieri". Dean had chosen to live "hippie style" with some friends in a sort of "commune" in Trastevere. I spent quite some times with him, and I can say that we became friends. We had quite a few adventures - and misadventures- in the following years. We drove to Marocco together for some months and once Dean, myself, Ivan and another couple of friends drove in my car from Rome to Paris. On the way we stopped to meet Dean's father in a nice house in the South of France, near Grasse. That's when I learned that Dean's second name was Dusko and his family name was Popov. We spent a couple of days and nights at Mr. Popov's house. If he disapproved of his son's long hair and clothing style, he never said so and was a perfect host. He was married with a very young, and attractive blonde lady, probably swedish, certainly from scandinavia, and they had 2 young blonde children that ran around naked in the house. I have some photographs of Dean and of his father in this occasion. Then we went on to Paris where I visited Ivan's house and met his mother (the divorced wife of Mr. Popov's brother) I have learned who Mr. Popov was several years later when I found his book "Spy and Counterspy" in a Bombay bookstore. I had left Italy in 1970 and after that i met Dean only occasionaly during a visit in Rome in 1971 and later in 1975-76. He told me he was just visiting and that he was living, and paiting quite successfully, in France then, I think in the South of France but I don't think at his father's. I have not seen Dean since but I have some of his drawings and I treasure the memory of our friendship. Giuliano The heirs of Dusko Popov indeed still live in the South of France, in Opio as a matter of fact.

How did Kakashi get into the ANBU?

He applied for it just as any other ANBU does.

Was World War 1 a just war?

For Austria-Hungary, it was there Archduke was assassinated, but all other countries just wanted war.

What issues did African American soldiers face in the Civil War?

African American soldiers might have been fighting on the same side with many whites, but they were still not treated equally. They got paid less than the whites and were treated poorly by their fellow soldiers. They were in very poor conditions too, just adding to the list of issues.

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