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When Hitler invaded Norway, he prohibited the people from wearing any symbol representing their king. To protest this and Hitler's treatment of the Jews, Norwegians began wearing the paper clip on their lapels, the paper clip having been invented by a Norwegian Jew. It was very brave of them as the punishment for doing so could be imprisonment, deportation, or execution. But they did it anyway.

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the project was to show how much 6 million was, because that is how many kids were killed

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Whitewell Middle School made a paper clip chain with the amount of paper clips equal to the amount of children that died in the Holocaust.

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they meant freedom

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Q: What does the paper clip project have to do with the Holocaust?
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The Paper Clip Project took 10 years.

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A group of students from Tennessee collected millions of paperclips in honor of those lost during the Holocaust. The Paper Clip Project became public and celebrities and politicians began sending paper clips to the school. These paper clips were then used to build a memorial for the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust.

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Students began collecting paper clips during the Paper Clips Project to represent the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. The project aimed to visually understand the magnitude of the tragedy through a tangible symbol.

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