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The statue represents the US Military Nurses that served in the Vietnam War. The roles of women during the Vietnam War, were the same as portrayed during the Korean War (see films: MASH), WWII, and World War I.

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Q: What does the soldier in the Vietnam's women's memorial signify?
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What is the name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

The Vietnam Womens Memorial is one of the three parts that make up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; it is a statue consisting of two nurses (most women in the Vietnam War were nurses, making these nurses a symbol) and an injured man in one of the nurse's arms.

Why was the womens memorial added to the rest of the Vietnam memorial?

Women's organizations wanted it there. There was a push to have a canine (war dogs) memorial placed there also, it's estimated that over 5,000 US military working dogs served in the Vietnam War. 73 US servicemen (dog handlers) and 43 US war dogs were killed in Vietnam.

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The Viet Vet Memorial Wall in Wash DC has over 58,000 Servicemens names on, plus 8 women nurses.

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