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The word blitz is German for lightning. It was originally used to describe a new German tactic of rapid , all-conquering invasion which was called blitzkrieg or lighting war. When the Germans started to bomb British cities the British used the word blitz jokingly to describe the nightly raids of German bombers which killed thousands, mostly women and children, and destroyed huge areas of Londons crowded East End.

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blitz is the football term meaning sack 'em the quater back says that though now get to your homework

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Q: What does the word blitz mean and where does it come from it come from ww2?
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What does the word blitz mean from world war 2?

Blitz in WW2 was an intensive campaign of aerial bombing.

What does blitz mean world war 2?

The Blitz refers to German bombing raids on cities during WW2

Was govan subway station used as a shelter during WW2 blitz?


Did Kingston upon thames get bombed during the blitz?

Kingston upon Thames is a town in the United Kingdom. It did in fact get heavily bombed during the WW2 blitz.

What towns where affected by the blitz?

The heavy and frequent bombing attacks on London and other cities in the UK (eg Coventry and Plymouth) during WW2 was known as the 'Blitz'.

What is the original word for blitz and it's meaning?

Blitz means 'lightning,' or 'flash.' For example, the Nazi German war strategy, called the Blitzkrieg, literally translated to 'Lightning War.' It was referred to as such because of the quick succession of tanks, infantry, and air support.

What words did the British use in world war 2?

Specific to WW2: blitz (from German blitzkrieg) doodlebug (V2) flak

How the 'BLITZ' start in World War 2?

With Germany Blitzkrieging Poland to jump-start WW2 in a very bad way.

Why did they call the blitz the lightning war?

The Blitz and the lightning war are two different things.The Blitz is the continuous German bombings England suffered in 1940.The lightning war - (Blitzkreig) is the strategy used by Germans during WW2 to breakthough rapidly the ennemi's defense, based on armored tanks (Panzer).

When did the computer come out?

Mostly during WW2

Where did VW come from?

hitler, for use in ww2

What Does a Bulldog Tattoo Mean?

The Bulldog is an animal personification of the United Kingdom, its inhabitants are well reputed to have a 'bulldog spirit,' referencing the hardships they bravely endured during the blitz of British cities during WW2. Winston Churchill had a bulldog-like face, so the bulldog is associated with him too. Chris