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trench foot occurs when your feet is wet and cold for long periods of times, thing that was common in the world wars inside the trench lines. They were cold and wet. Once the condiction takes place, the feet swell up bad and turns black. Being like this too much will require amputation.

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Trench foot is swollen and often either blue or red. Open sores and blisters which lead to infections can be found on a person with trench foot.

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Q: What does trench foot look like?
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Disease in trench like trench foot?

Its because of the water basically making there foot mouldy

Was trench foot a new disease in World War 1?

No, trench foot was first noted by Napoleon's army in 1812. It was made more well known during the trench warfares of World War I, but it was not new at that time.

What were the symptoms of trench foot?

Blisters and open sores are some of the symptoms of trench foot.

What were the conditions in first world war like?

They got a bad case of athelites foot it was called trench foot

What is trench foot and how you can get it?

trench foot is bogies in the toenail and you get it by sitting on tha doilet to long you get me blad

What was remedy for trench foot?

The remedy for severe trench foot would be amputation or staying out of the water

Is trench foot a virus?

Immersion foot, or trench foot, is the blackening of the toes and the skin ,They vary in size and shape and are usually caused by a virus.

Did trench foot kill soldiers?

I think that the only reason trench foot can kill is if the soldier has their foot amputated and then during the process get an infection.

How many people died in each country from trench foot?

Nobody dies of trench foot. Trench foot is caused by walking around for days, in the mud, while wearing wet boots. Think of it as "super-athlete's foot".

What are the main symptoms of the condition Trench Foot?

The main symptoms of the condition of Trench Foot is having a itching, heavy feeling and in some cases a prickly foot. Trench foot may cause pain, tingling, swelling, blotching and red and warm foot.

What were the symptons of trench foot?

your foot was not looking great

What are some of the diseases in trench warfare?

Trench foot, shell shock