What does vj and ve stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Victory in Japan & Victory in Europe respectively

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Q: What does vj and ve stand for?
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Did VJ day come first?

No. VE Day did.

What does vj stand for?

Vj day means victory for japan day

When was v day?

VE Day May 07 1945 VJ day Aug 14 1945

What is the full form of vj?

Victory in Japan (as opposed to VE: Victory in Europe)

Which day came first V-E or V-J?

Victory in Europe (VE Day) occurred before the Victory over Japan (VJ Day)

What event cause the Japanese to surrender?

I think it was either VJ day or VE day ore Iwo jima

What do the inititals VE stand for in VE Day?

VE means "Victory in Europe"

Was there celebrations at the end of world war 2?

Yes on VE and VJ day their were parades and celebrations throughout the allied countries

Did they eat chocolate muffins on Ve day?

Chocolate muffins were a huge treat for the VE day celebrants since chocolate had been rationed or restricted during the war. Some people saved up chocolate for months to use on VE and VJ days.

When is V day?

VE day (Victory in Europe) was May 8 1945. VJ Day (Victory over Japan) was September 2 1945

How long did the world war 2 celebrations go on for?

There were two different celebrations. VE Day (Victoty in Europe) and VJ Day (Victory in Japan).

Is there anything in World War 2 beginning with v?

VE-Day: The day the Germans surrendered VJ-Day: The day the Japanese surrendered and the war ended.