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The Distinguished Unit Badge was something new for World War Two. It was awarded to all members of the unit, when that unit had performed to such a high standard that if it were a single soldier, the soldier would be entitled to the Distinguished Service Cross. This is a high standard indeed. The only award higher than a Distinguished Service Cross is the Medal of Honor.

The badge itself was a plain dark blue enameled rectangle of metal. It was worn over the right pocket on the chest - the opposite side from where all other badges and ribbons ("fruit salad") was worn.

"go 36 hq wd 44" means General Order Number 36 of the Headquarters, War Department, 1944. This was the order from the War Department which recognized the particular unit in question and awarded the badge. During WWII there was still a War Department and a Navy Department; the two were not combined into the Department of Defense until 1947.

Today the Distinguished Unit Badge has been replaced by the Presidential Unit Citation.

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Q: What does world war 2 distinguished unit badge go 36 HQ wd 44 mean?
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The Combat Infantryman's Badge is an individual badge (of honor); not a unit award. It was created in WW2, because NO BODY wanted that job! So ONLY the infantryman received it. Not the Tank Crewman, Not the Artillerymen, Not the Aircrewmen.

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