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Q: What dominant culture was against the hippie movement?
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Why did the hippie movement start?

what did the hippies rebel against in the sixties?

What was the pinnacle of hippie culture?

The hippie culture was all about drugs, rock music, mystic religions and sexual freedom. The Woodstock Festival represents the pinnacle of the hippie movement.

What is the Counter Culture movement?

Counter Culture is a bad bad disaster of the 1200's it is based on Marilyn Monroe.

What did the baby boom lead to?

The counter culture or "hippie" movement of the late 1960s

What is hippie family?

Such family which lives beyond the way a typical family lives in a western culture. The hippie movement was most popular in 1960s

What is the cultural movement?

it is a hippie movement

What is cultural movement?

it is a hippie movement

Did the cal berkerly hippie movement start in 1965 or 1966.?

See website: Hippie

Why'd the hippie movement begin and what did it seek to do?

The Hippie movement began as opposition to US involvement in the Viet nam war, but they were non political, that cause was taken up by the Yippies. The Hippie movement sought to bring tolerance and openness to our culture, to expand religious belief and remove negative stereotypes from sex and marriage, as well as music and the use of recreational drugs. They felt alienated from the middle class which they thought was dominated by materialism and repression.

What was associated with the hippie culture?

The "hippie" culture of the mid-60's was often associated with psychedelic music, the sexual revolution, and recreational drug usage.

What are some effects of the hippie movement?

The hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s had several effects on society. It promoted anti-war sentiments, advocated for civil rights and environmental protection, and challenged traditional social norms related to gender roles and sexuality. The movement also influenced fashion, music, and art, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.

What is countercultures?

People whose values differ from those of main stream society