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It deepened the social economic unrest

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Q: What effect did foreign pressure to open markets have on Japanese society?
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Japanese society before World War 2?

Japan was an empire from 1868 until the end of World War II.The Japanese government was controlled by the Japanese Army. The Japanese Emperor had only primarily ceremonial powers, up until the final days of the war. After the atom bombs were used on Japan by the US, then the Emperor for the first time asserted his decision that Japan would surrender.

Why did the American military government disband the Japanese armed forces?

After World War II, the American military government of occupied Japan disbanded the Japanese armed forces as just one step in the post-war rebuilding of a peaceful, flourishing, renewed Japanese society. A further step was taken with the declaration of the permanent disarmament of Japan to be enforced by the American overseers.

What happened when Japan had a Oligarchy government in World War 2?

After World War II the American occupation forces dismantled Japanese Political Institutions to extend their policies for the Democratisation of Japan, via the SCAP policy. To ensure the Japanese transition from Oligarchy to Democracy, General McArthur's SCAP policy had provisions to remove the Emperors position therefore dismantling the oligarchical aspects of Japanese society however, the Japanese people were against that and the US occupation forces had decided not to rid the Imperial system, instead only changing the position of Imperialism in japan.

What were the social aspects in japan in World War 2?

Japan was ruled by a monarch; it's society was a reflection of duty, honor, and country. Individualism, like in the United States, was considered "capitalism (money making)", and the opposite of Japanese society. Of course all of this was reversed, under GEN Douglas MacArthur & the US military occupation in 1945.

Why did the Japanese show hatred by rapping women and children?

In the time of WWII the Japanese had a long held belief that their people group and society were superior to all other nations and people groups. This concept had been handed down from one generation to the next. When the Japanese imprisoned the British, American and Australian women those women were told they were inferior to the Japanese. They were told they were lower than dogs. So the Japanese men felt they could do whatever they wanted to the scum, lower than dogs POWs. The brutality was learned from the time they were young boys. Warrior training and concepts were ingrained in them. Think of it as a power trip to oppress lowlifes. Many Japanese people in Japan did not know their military conducted POW camps in this manner. Japan never signed the Geneva Convention document so they chose to run the POW camps any way they considered suitable.

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What is the word 'society' when translated from English to Japanese?

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Why did white abolitionists used the arts as a form of protest against slavery?

In 1839, an anti-slavery society was formed, the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, which worked to outlaw slavery in other countries and also to pressure the government.

What was Japanese society like before the meji restoration?

Before the Meiji Restoration, Japanese society was feudalistic, with a strict social hierarchy led by the warrior class (samurai) and ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. The country was isolated from the rest of the world, with limited contact with foreign powers. The economy was based on agriculture, and strict social classes limited mobility and opportunities for many people.