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Q: What event turned the secession crisis into a civil war?
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What event in 1860 turned to the secession crisis into a civil war?

The secession of South Carolina from the Union

What historical event turned secession crisis into civil war?

The election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860.

What event provoked the secession of the Southern States for the US?

the election of Abraham Lincoln.

What major event led the secession of the southern state from the union?

Lincoln's Presidency

How did the civil war change the balance of power between state government and federal government?

The event that the Civil War had the federal government was the Secession of the Southern States.

Which event are these characteristics describing?

the nullification crisis

What is offered as the first single event that caused the Civil War?

Lincoln's election - followed immediately by the secession of South Carolina, and then Lincoln's rejection of the final attempted compromise, because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

What is an immediate crisis?

An unexpected event, such as a terrorist attack, is an immediate crisis, and does not allow for research and planning.

What was a historical event that happened in China?

The Manchurian crisis

What Virginia event helped the Union?

The secession of the Western Counties of Virginia from the Confederate State of Virginia.

What event led to the secession Southern states from the union?

The 1860 election of President Abraham Lincoln

Why was the rebellion important?

I'm assuming that you are talking about the rebellion of the 11 seceding states that made up the Confederate States of America. This event is particularly important in American History because our country was essentially fighting itself. The event succeding the secession, which was the Civil War, was also the bloodiest war up until then.