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Jobs gave people money to spend

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Q: What explains how economic growth during World War 2 helped end the Great Depression?
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Which countries had economic growth during the great depression?

soviet union

What countries had economic growth during the Great Depression?

The Soviet Union

Why would a government choose to spend more money than it collects in taxes during a recession or a depression?

Spending increases demand and can encourage economic growth.

What is the term for economic growth after a depression or recession?

Nothing. There is no such thing. Probably a war will ensue.

What is a economic crisis?

Economic crisis is wherein there is negative GDP growth lasting for two or more quarters. It is severe recession or depression.

What areas expierneced economic growth during the 1920s and 1930s?

Economic growth occurred because of the news sales of goods.

What happened in between the period of 1900 to 1945?

global economic growth slowed;trade policies changed;economic depression;rearmament for war.

Is economic growth more harm than good?

No. Without economic growth the economy of a country will stagnate. If this happens then jobs and sales will be lost which will add to the depression. However it should be regulated in a sustainable manner

Which factor did not contribute to the growth of the South's population during the 1970's?

One factor that did not contribute to the growth of the South's population during the 1970s was economic growth. While economic growth can often attract people to an area and contribute to population growth, the South experienced slower economic growth compared to other regions during this time period. Factors such as increasing job opportunities and favorable business conditions were not as prominent in the South during the 1970s, which limited its population growth.

What does annual economic growth refer to?

Annual economic growth refers to the yearly increase in the market value of services and goods that are produced during a year. Inflation and annual increases in the output of the services and goods are part of the economic growth of a country.

Which explains how investment in the Georgia Institute of Technology impacts growth and development in Georgia?

Georgia Tech contributes jobs and focuses on economic development.

Are there types of economic growth?

Types of economic growth: There are two types of economic growth: 1.Balanced Economic Growth 2.Un-balanced Economic Growth 1.Balanced Economic Growth: All the economic sectors are growing at same ratio or percentage,this growth is known as balanced economic growth. 2.Un-balanced Economic Growth: When some sectors of the economy are growing faster than others,and their rate of growth is different to each other,this growth is known as un-balanced economic growth.