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Initially - doubts about the viability of the Confederacy. They wanted to back a winner.

Ethical position over slavery - although the war was not originally about slavery, the Lancashire cotton workers said they would sacrifice their jobs, rather than support the Confederacy.

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation made it impossible for free nations abroad to support the South without looking pro-slavery themselves.

Especially good diplomatic work by Lincoln's envoy in London - C.F. Adams (of the Presidential family).

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Q: What factors kept England from throwing its full support to the confederacy?
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What two factors kept England from throwing its full support to the Confederacy?

Supporting the Confederacy would have led to outright war with the United States. It would have also caused labor issues, since the industrial workers sympathized with the slaves and were openly opposed to slavery, and some threatened to leave their jobs rather than support the slave holding Confederacy.

Which two European nations were both the Confederacy and Union trying to gain the support of?

England and France.

Why the queen of England support the confederacy during the civil war?

English textile mills depended on Southern cotton. England later began growing cotton in Egypt.

Did Georgia support the union or confederacy?

They supported the confederacy.

Which two foreign powers were most active in their efforts to support the Confederacy during Gettysburg?

It was the two leading European superpowers at the time...England and France.

Did Jefferson Davis support the union or the confederacy?

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy.

Did the french and English support the confederacy during the civil war?

The French and the English did not support the Confederacy during the Civil War. Instead, the countries decided to support the Union.

Southerners who did not support the confederacy were called?


Did Lincoln support the Confederacy?

No he was the Commander in Chief of the Union.

The diplomatic objective of the Confederacy was to?

The only thing I can imagine is they were trying to get England to come into the war on their side. They may well have done it until Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which would have put England on the side of slavery. The English people would not have stood for that. They wanted the aid of Great Britain and they believed England would support them because the South sold most of their cotton to England. But, England found cotton in the middle east and did not suffer from the loss of Southern cotton. Then, the Confederacy wanted to keep England neutral but the Emancipation prevented that because England had already outlawed slavery.

How did African American support the war efforts?

They fought for the confederacy

How did African-American support the war effort?

They fought for the confederacy