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well no bananas so mate apples?

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Q: What food did they take in their lunch box in world war 2 evacuees?
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What would world war 2 evacuees take with them?

They would take with them a lunch, suitcases, gasmasks, labels, and another pair of shoes

What extra thing did the evacuees take?

some food

How did the families find out that they had to take in evacuees?

They got a letter sent to them saying that they had to take in evacuees because of the world war 2.

Were evacuees aloud to bring food with them?

they were aloud to take mcdonalds

What did evacuees in world war 2 take to the countreyside with them?


What weren't evacuees allowed to take with them?

Evacuees were often rushed when selecting what to take with them. One thing that was absolutely forbidden was their pets.

Who was asked to take in evacuees?

a human being

What were evacuees take in there suitcase?

stuff that they needed

Have lunch or take lunch?

have lunch

What were evacuees?

Evacuees had to try to fit in with other children and their families so that they wouldn't feel more emotional about having to leave home. Second answer: The evacuees were primarily sent to farms and country villages. They had to learn to do farm chores and how to play safely in the country. Most of the evacuees had decent experiences but some were abused, had their ration cards stolen from them or were made fun of by the other children or the host families. Some spent hours writing to their families.

How do say can i take you to lunch tomorrow?

Can I take you to Lunch tomorrow.

Is it correct to say bring your lunch or take your lunch?

take your lunch to school becuz you are taking it today