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Hirohito remained the Emperor of Japan until his death in 0001.

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The Military Occupation was under the command of General Douglas MacArthur.

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After World War 1 Japan had an asian government in which they were asian

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A government which closely mirrored the US form of government, as directed by US General Douglas MacArthur, while under US occupation.

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Q: What form of government did japan have after ww II?
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Emperor of japan during ww II?


Did Japan bombed Australia in WW II?

yeah, in darwin

Was Japan ever colonised yes or no?

No. Japan was OCCUPIED after WW II, but not the same thing.

What happened after japan was colonized?

Japan was never colonized. It was occupied briefly by the US after WW II.

Who were the axis country?

In WW II the Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What were the Japanese also known as in World War 2?

During WW II Japan was an empire ruled by an emperor, and was therefore known as Imperial Japan. Sometimes the term Nippon is used instead of Japan. The people of Japan were still known as the Japanese, even during WW II.

What are some world war 2 terms starting with v?

Victory in the Pacific is a WW II term. It is the name given to the day on which WW II ended with the surrender of Japan.

Who did the United states support after world war ii?

The U.S. supported western Europe and Japan after WW II

Definition for Axis powers in WW II?

Axis powers included Germany, Italy and Japan - in World War II.

Which country has aug 15 as second anniversary of surrendering to allied forces?

Japan, after WW II.

What happened in the Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and U.S.A entered WW II

What was the traditional foreign policy of japan before imperialism?

Prior to its imperialist policy during WW II, Japan had a long history of isolationism.