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With the French invasion of Russia many groups were affected; as well as the French nad the Russians there was the Prussians and the Austrians. Because of the 'scortched earth' tactics employed by the Russians the peasants were greatly affected.

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Q: What four groups that got affected in 1812?
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How was morale affected by the type of warfare fought in Vietnam?

In the beginning, until the men got used to it. Leadership in Vietnam was conducted by WWII veterans, they were un-customed to fighting a limited war (a war in which the US military could not "nuke" the enemy until victory was accomplished; as was done in WWII).

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The war affected the environment by money and people. Many people got killed in the wars which effected the population. The war had to take money to get supplies; Bombs, Cannons, Uniforms, ect. ~Answered by a 13 year old

What was the name of the North's strategy?

The North's, also known as the Union, plan was a very basic plan that they got from a formal rival. Just like in The War of 1812, the Union wanted to blockade the South, or Confederates. By doing this, they proposed what was known as the Anaconda Plan. This plan circled around from near Washington DC went South from there and cut through the middle of modern day Florida, and went through New Orleans and up the Mississippi River. After the Union has done that and cut off all the supplies and reinforcements available for the Confederates, the true wrath of the "anaconda" term comes into play. The Union starts suppressing the Confederates tighter and tighter into a smaller force until they are forced to surrender. Unlike in the War of 1812, this blockade is highly sufficient and successful.

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