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china did not have any real form of government before 1949. It was mainly run by warlords which varied from region to region.

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Q: What government system was used in china after 1949?
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What is the type of Government used in China?

China is a dictatorship with a system that is a mixture of private and state capitalism.

What type of government did china used to have?

Before 1912, China was a monarchy. From 1912-present, China is a Republic. In 1949, there was a major change in the China political system; the US supported-KMT Party was defeated and replaced on the Chinese mainland by the current party which is the Communist Party of China. The KMT still has authority in Taiwan after its retreat from the mainland.

What government is used in china?

China has a Communist government.

Does china use communism?

Yes. It has used communism since 1949

What civilization was the first to use the postal system?

The first postal service, which was used only by government, was in China. 900 BC

What is the pronunciation system in china now?

Pinyin is the pronunciation system used in China now.

Is this a communist website?

Communism is a system of government (e.g. The soviet Union used to be a communist country, China Korea, cuba are still communist countries).

Who used the draft?

US Government, Australian Government, South Vietnamese Government, North Vietnamese Government, USSR & Red China.

What kind of government does china have as of 2011?

The government is called the Peoples Republic of China. It used to be the Republic of China but it was changed after World War II due to the fact that the government was overthrown by the Japanese. The citizens rebelled against the government which is why they added a Peoples in the name. It is currently a democracy now.

Where was the first automatic streetlight system in the US installed in 1949?

The first automatic streetlight system was installed in New Milford, Connecticut in 1949. The first traffic light was used in 1914 in Cleveland.

Do china still used mixed economy system?


Which philosophy is most closely associated with the development of the China civil service system?

Confucianism emphasized education which caused the Chinese to develop a civil service system that used tests on Confucius teachings as a basis for awarding government jobs.