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The US Civil War was especially hard on the Confederacy. Most of the battles were fought in Southern lands and the disruption for most of the people in the South made life allot more difficult.

In the Union, with so many of the US States far from the battle fields, most of the hardships came from families whose relatives were in the War. Still, life went on there almost as normal.

American writer and poet Walt Whitman served for awhile as a medical aid in Union hospitals near Washington DC. He was struck by the number of casualties and even had a brother as a soldier.

He made note however that when he returned to his home in New York City, there was nothing really there that indicated that a major war was being conducted.

Almost from the beginning of the War, despite Confederate victories at Bull Run as example, a major city, New Orleans was captured almost at once. Confederate soldiers were mostly small farmers and their lands were unattended as they had no slaves.

It would seem that almost everyone in the South would wish time could be turned back to 1859 when there was no war.

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Q: What groups in the south wanted a return to prewar conditions?
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