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Q: What groups was massacred by the ottoman empire during world war 1?
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The Ottoman Empire emerged in what is now turkey after which of these groups lost control of the area?

The Ottoman Empire emerged in what is now Turkey after which of these groups lost control of the area?

How did the break up of the ottoman empire lead to ethnic conflicts?

The ethnic groups liked Turkey, but because of the Ottoman Empire breaking up the name changed to Chiken

Who were the two major opposing groups and their components nations during World War 1?

The Allies vs the Central Powers (Germany, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire).

How did Turkish nationalism lead to intolerance of minorities in the ottoman empire?

Turkish nationalism led to the intolerance of minorities in the Ottoman empire because it caused distrust among the different minority groups that were not Turkish.

Did the Ottoman Empire have to do anything with terrorism?

It is unclear what you mean by this question. There were certainly brigades in the Janissaries and Ottoman Traditional Armies that created terror and there were violent guerrilla groups that opposed the Ottoman Empire and civilians. The Ottoman Empire, however, did not design, create, define, or in any other way directly promote the concept or execution of terror activities.

How did the concept of imperialism contribute to the genocide of the Armenian people during world war 1?

it resulted in the Ottoman Empire ruling over groups with different ethnicities and religions (apex)

How did nationalism lead to the breakup of the ottoman empire?

The Advent of western culture on the Ottoman Empire led to the breakdown of Ottoman Empire which was different from the current one which was once centered on religion.

How did the collapse of the Ottoman Empire contribute to instability in the balkans?

Ottoman Empire ruled over a lot of different nations and groups and the ideology of nationalism made those nations & groups want to have their own land. They started a rebellion against the empire in order to become independent. Many of them succeeded.

Why was the Ottoman Empire able to rule a huge empire of many different ethnic groups and religions for centuries?

The Ottoman Empire was well-known for its ability to tolerate people of various faiths, languages, and cultures. During the Middle Ages, Similarly large empires in Europe were quite intolerant, leading to numerous wars and refugees who fled to the Ottoman Empire for the relative tolerance. It is worth noting, though, that tolerance does not mean equality, and non-Muslims were subject to additional taxes and special requirements like devshirme in certain cases.

Why did the Austrian Russian Ottoman Empires face such great challenges to their control of land?

Because, of the mixture of ethnic groups in the land. Control of land and ethnic groups moved back and forth between these empires.

What type of government did the ottoman Turks have?

It had an absolute monarchy. However, much of the Ottoman Empire was managed by secondary interest groups and the national government did not exercise a lot of power over the various territories.

What were some weaknesses that Europeans saw in the Ottoman Empire?

Modern thinkers in Europe in the 1850's took a negative view about the Ottoman empire. Europeans saw the Ottoman's as a divided nation and lacked the European idea of nationalism or national unity. A uniform set of laws were not national and were segregated by tribes and special interest groups. Europeans also believed that the Ottoman's lacked a scientific community and had no respect for human rights.