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kickass ones.

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Q: What guns did the women have in the civil war?
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How guns changed the Civil War?

The civil war was more deadly.

How heavy were civil war guns?

15- 20 lbs was the common weight of civil war guns not artillery just guns rifles and muskets included

What actors and actresses appeared in Guns of the Civil War - 1993?

The cast of Guns of the Civil War - 1993 includes: Charles Martin Smith as Hosted

Who guns were better in the civil war?

Both side had about equal guns to use.

What were large mounted guns called in the civil war?

Gatling guns ,cannons

What did factories make before the civil war?


What items were used in the civil war?

Guns and cannons

What is major cause of deaths in civil war?


What types of guns did ironclads have in the civil war?


With 46 of misinformed americans thinking we should control guns instead of criminals will we lose our guns before our government forces civil war?

I don't see a civil war happening over gun control. If there ever is a civil war, I am sure that it will happen before we lose all of our guns.

Who had more guns during the civil war?

North had better guns, but South had more rifles

What duties did women have before the civil war?

Women typically were home makers before and after the American Civil War.