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Imprisoned, tried,and hung for his crimes.

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he siezed

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Q: What happen to John Brown after he was capture?
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When john brown was capture?


Who tried to capture the federal arsenal?

John Brown and a few followers.

What were the Confederate stratagies in the civil war?

to capture john brown and his men.

Who was nationally know for the capture of john brown?

Robert Eat. Lee

When did John Wilkes Booth capture John Brown?

He didn't. John Brown was captured by a Company of US Marines under the command of Colonel Robert E. Lee.

How did Robert e lee capture John Brown?

With a large number of US Marines

Who led the US marines to capture john brown?

Colonel Robert E. Lee.

What happened before john brown is executed?

I dont know. What did happen before John Brown was executed? Do you know?

Who was the legendary abolitionist who attempted to capture a supply of weapons at harpers ferry Virginia?


Who led the US Marines to capture John Brown in 1858?

well, it was not William Lloyd Garrison

Where did john browns raid take place and what was the result?

John Brown's group raided Harper's Ferry Arsenal. Lee led a contingent of Marines to capture them. Brown was tried and hanged for treason.

What led the raid to retake harpers ferry arsenal?

The raid led to the capture of John Brown and the survivors of his band.