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Putney was bombed during WW2.

On 17th April 1941, 48 people were killed and 141 injured by a high explosive bomb that fell on "The Castle" pub on Putney Bridge Road near Brewer Street. This bombing took place during The Blitz, when the Luftwaffe was carrying out large bombing raids on British cities.

On 7th November 1943, at just after 9 pm a 500 lb high explosive bomb was released from a lone German bomber. It hit 35 Putney High Street, which was a "Black and White" milk bar, and "The Cinderella Dance Hall" which occupied the upper floors of 31-35 Putney High Street. About 81 people were killed and 254 injured either in the building or as they walked along Putney High Street or waited for buses home. 60 % of the casualties were aged under 23 years, one was only fourteen. Other buildings nearby were damaged - including the textiles/carpet shop on the Corner of Felsham Road.

In 1943, people were less cautious and more relaxed in London, because the Blitz was over and the war was turning against Germany.

Later in the war, V1 quite a few "Doodlebug" flying bombs, and (less) V2 Rockets Landed in Putney. One V1 landed on a school in Fawe Park Road, another landed in the allotments on Pleasance Road, one fell on Clarence Lane, Roehampton and another somewhere by Putney Embankment. Yet another landed on Putney Heath - forming the depression in the ground - that still exists - known as "The Frying Pan". The Frying Pan is a huge, shallow bomb crater and gives an idea of the size of blast from an exploding V1.

Other bombs fell on Putney during WW2 and there were more casualties, but the ones I mentioned above had the highest numbers of casualties from individual bombs. There were anti-aircraft guns near Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park.

Some of the "Little Ships" that helped evacuate British and French troops from Dunkirk in June 1940 came from Putney, joining up with a huge flotilla that sailed down the Thames and then across the channel.

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Q: What happend to putney during th World War 2?
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