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Grant and Sherman were caught off-guard, not realising there were any Confederates in the area. The outstanding Southern General Sidney Johnston almost pushed the whole Union army into the Tennessee river, but called a halt for the night.

By next morning, the Union troops had rallied, helped by reinforcements under Don Carlos Buell, and Johnston was killed.

It was a significant Union victory, which ended Confederate hopes of commanding the Mississippi valley.

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A Union victory by Grant, death of the much-respected Southern leader Sidney Johnston, and the end of Confederate hopes in the West.

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the Tabernacle stood there for 369 years.

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Q: What happened at Shiloh in the civil war?
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The battle of Vicksburg

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Many bodies were buried in Enterprise, Mississippi after the battle of Shiloh during the Civil War.

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The Battle of Shiloh was an awakening of how fierce the US Civil War would be. With that said, the armies at Shiloh were:Union:Army of the TennesseeArmy of the OhioConfederacyArmy of the Mississippi

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US Civil War - Battle of Shiloh. Near Shiloh, Tennessee. General Ulysses S. Grant defeats confederate army.

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The American Civil War Shiloh to New Market - 2013 was released on: USA: July 2013

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