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The Japanese completely conquered the Philippines. Americans lost.

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Q: What happened at the Battle of Corregidor?
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Important people associated with corregidor both sides?

Commanders George M. Jones Edward M. PostlethwaitRikichi Tsukada These were the commanders of the Battle of Corregidor. General MacArthur was a central figure in this battle. If you go to Wikipedia to the heading of The Battle of Corregidor you can read more about the battle. There is also a website for people who won medals at that battle. See link below.

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Corregidor. has written: 'A word of expostulation, in a letter from Corregidor, to Thomas Paine'

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Der Corregidor was created in 1896.

What World War 2 battles were fought in the Philippians?

The battle for Manila , Bataan , Corregidor , etc . . . ~ see link below .

What are Bataan and Corregidor?

Bataan is a province of the Philippines and Corregidor an island in the entrance of Manila Bay

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Corregidor - 1943 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:15

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