What happened during WW3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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that hasent happened yet

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Q: What happened during WW3?
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What happened at ww3?

there was no ww3 that is just in a video game

Did Norway fight in ww3?

ww3 hasnt happened. but it is inevitable

What didn't cause ww3?

WW3 has not happened, so we can't give a cause to a imaginary war.

Are they going to make a game about ww3?

WW3 hasn't happened yet but they will probably make a game about it.

How many non-jews were murdered during ww3?

There hasn't been a WW3.

What did kids do in world war 3?

Thankfully a WW3 has not happened.

Who wins ww3?

nobody wins because it never even happened!

What was the time period of world war 3?

WW3 hasn't happened (yet).

Why did the us build its military after winning World War 2?

so that when ww3 happened it would be easier to win

What Country Did Truman Lead In WW3?

im not sure but there was no WW3

What did the US fear the Soviet Union would do during the Cold War?

Start WW3 by launching nukes

Who was England's prime minister at the beginning of the ww3?

The Rt Hon Arthur Neville Chamberlain.