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In bloody Sunday over 20 innocent people were shot and 14 died because of evil British soldiers who killed innocent people for peaceful protesting. The soldiers were evil little ******* and they deserved to die a painful death for killing innocent children.

Let's get some of the ill-informed prejudice out of this, huh? The soldiers, who were ordinary guys and no more evil than anyone else, but trained to do a job, will swear to their dying day that they believed they were shot at first, even though the enquiry did not agree that this was the case. The soldiers then did what they were ordered to do and, sadly, created a desperately tragic mistake for which they will never be forgiven.

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This Sunday became known as Bloody Sunday and bloody it was. It was quite unnecessary. It strikes me that the Army ran amok that day and shot without thinking what they were doing. They were shooting innocent people. These people may have been taking part in a march that was banned but that does not justify the troops coming in and firing live rounds indiscriminately. I would say without hesitation that it was sheer, unadulterated murder. It was murder.

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bloody Sunday happened to mark the beginning of Russian revolution

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Q: What happened on Bloody Sunday?
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What year was Sunday bloody Sunday?

Sunday bloody Sunday happened on January 30th 1972

When did the soldiers start firing at the marchers on Bloody Sunday?

When the bloody aunday happened in January 24 in Russia

What happened to Russian people during World War 2?

they have a dolours and bloody Sunday !:

When was Sunday Bloody Sunday created?

Sunday Bloody Sunday was created on 1983-03-11.

Is Sunday Bloody Sunday in duple meter?

Yes, Sunday, Bloody Sunday is in duple meter.

Why was Bloody Sunday significant?

bloody Sunday happened to mark the beginning of Russian revolution

In Selma what is Sunday called?

bloody sunday

Who was killed by a bomb on Bloody Sunday?

No-one, Bloody Sunday was Britain killing innocent civilians with guns.

In Selma Alabama what was Sunday called?

bloody Sunday

What street was Bloody Sunday in Russia on?

the bloody sunday occured from the british army who shot at 26 protesters and killed them all

Was bloody Sunday a sectarianism?


What was the Alabama city that was the site of bloody Sunday?

Bloody Sunday occurred in Selma Alabama in March 7, 1965.