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Rommel's army was no longer able to repel the Allied Forces in Africa because he was trapped by the Americans in the west (Algeria and Morocco) and by the British in the east (Libya and Egypt). This ultimately led to the capture of most of the German Afrika Corps.

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Q: What happened to Rommel's army when American troops entered Africa?
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When did American troops entered Africa rommels army was?

German forces entered North Africa to assist the Italians who had difficulty in that region. Similar to future campaigns like South Vietnam 15 years later (assisting nations in trouble), US forces entered North Africa to reinforce the British fighting there in 1942. The British were primarily using "lend lease" US supplied tanks; M3 Lee medium tanks and M3/4 Stuart light tank. The US landed forces equipped with the same, plus some M4s.

When American troops entered Africa what were Rommel's troops doing?

trapped and captured

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