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There are cemetaries in the former South Vietnam; they were buried. Many of those heavily decorated (white stone crosses, statues, etc.) cemetaries might still have much gunfire and grenade damage to them, as US patrols experienced many a firefight in those cemetaries.

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Good question since the Vietnam War was a "body count war." Secondly not every US/allied casualty was a soldier (army) others were marines, sailors, or airmen; each service had their own uniforms, regulations, duties, and ranks. Enemy dead were often buried in mass graves. Allied dead were handed over to their respective national commands for processing. US dead were tagged & bagged at the nearest firebase then transported to a major US base such as Cam Ranh Bay, Bien Hoa, Da Nang, possibly Chu Lai (Americal Div), Quang Tri (5th Mech Inf Div), Phu Bai (101st Abn (Ambl) Div Camp Eagle & Camp Evans AOs), etc. At those large US bases the bodies were processed by US Military personnel (US Military females were restricted to these major commands in South Vietnam and possibly assisted in the processing of dead GIs). From there they were placed in standard issue US Government aluminum coffins and shipped back to the US via chartered/US military air transports (C5 Galaxies were often used).

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By helicopter

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Q: What happened to all the dead soldiers bodies in the Vietnam war?
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