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Dead or if they lived burned and with radiation sickness. The explosion spread outward over 30 miles and water boiled instantly. People's shoes blew off.

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Q: What happened to anyone living within a mile of the explosion from the atom bomb?
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What happened to anyone living within a mile of the explosion?

Anyone living within a mile of the explosion would likely have experienced significant damage to their property, potential injuries, and possible exposure to harmful chemicals or substances released during the explosion. They may have been evacuated for safety reasons, and some could have suffered severe consequences depending on the scale and nature of the explosion.

What is an explosion and is it deadly?

An explosion is a a violent blast that ultimately destroys an object or objects around it. An explosion can be deadly within close proximity of the blast and if the explosion is large.

Who died in chenobyl?

Chernobyl*? Everyone within a good several-radius of the explosion, including plant and animal life. Nuclear radiation tends to kill living things.

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What would've happened to someone 1kilometers away from the impact that formed meteor crater?

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Will chickens survive a nuclear bomb?

Noboby can survive a nuclear bomb if he is within explosion distance.

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The Big Bang theory suggests that the universe began expanding from a very high-density and high-temperature state, but it was not an explosion in the traditional sense. It was a rapid expansion of space itself, not an explosion within preexisting space.

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