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According to, the hair was used for pillows and mattresses. They also used it for wigs.

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Yes they were. THis dehumanized the women and also helped prevent the spread of lice and disease. THey would use the hair for furniture, blankets, and clothes. THey let nothing go to waste.

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no, it was cut for them.

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For U Boats

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Q: What happened to the hair that was shaved off in the Holocaust?
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What was Jewish hair used for during the Holocaust?

They lined up in a line and the SS Officers shaved off their hair and threw it in a pile to later be used as some sort of product. (coats, mattresses, pillows, etc.) Emberly Nicole <3

Why did the Nazi's made submarine boots from Jewish hair?

The Nazis did this because adolf Hitler the nazi leader did not belive that Jewish people were right and in his eyes they didnt fit in. he kept them locked up and shaved their hair off and left them to starve. some of the Jews where put into gas chambers and gased. the Nazis wanted to do something with the hair so they made things with it.

Is Dr Mengele from the Holocaust still alive?

No, Josef Mengele drowned off the coast of Brazil in 1979.

Why did Germans cut Jews' hair in concentration camps?

Because the Nazis wanted the Jewish girls to feel helpless and in a lower position, so they buzzed off all their hair.The hair of the Jewish girls and ladies could be used as the stuffing for matresses in German U-boats, so Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzz, they shaved it all off. Mostly this was done when they entered the camp, so every 2 weeks or so you saw about 10-20 girls from 11-30 completely skinhead and crying quietly.___________________________________________________________The cut hair was indeed used for the war effort, but it was not used to stuff matresses, it was cut and washed, then used to make felt. The felt was used as insulation, as in boots for the winter. Along with hair, several rolls of felt were recovered from Auschwitz.

Why do military people cut their hair off?

Military people cut their hair because it is a requirement of the armed forces to have a neatly cut look.

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